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I was born and have lived in Israel with my family most of my life.

As a software engineer I developed and have sold, for the last 20 years AcuPartner Software - a multilingual  knowledge base and clinic management software for acupuncturists.

Recently Bamboo software Ltd. name was changed to Tammy Netzer Ltd., due to my new activity of designing and creating colorful one-of-a-kind jewelry

Always having a passion for colours and jewelry I collected jewelry for years, all over the world, when traveling to acupuncture shows to present my software.


When I started beading in 2010, I knew only mathematics and software -  nothing about jewelry design or making. I didn’t know even how to thread a needle. It was very hard to be a beginner in a new field - but challenging.

I was lucky to come across Bead and Button magazine, and Beadworks magazine, and be introduced to the jewelry world. Since 2010 I didn’t miss even one

Bead & Button show, and participated there in classes with Leslee Frumin, Helena Tang Lim, Cynthia Rutledge, Sherry Serafini, Liisa Turunen, Nikia Angle, Jayshree Paramesh, and other world known jewelry artists..


And special warm words to Heidi Kummli, a world known jewelry artist, whom I first met in BeadFest Santa Fe show, a few years ago, and since then she is my teacher and mentor of embroidery. In my site gallery I have put few necklaces made by using her beautiful designs with slight variations.
The Eye opener bag was created following Heidi Kummli’s master class in  B&B show 2019, and  will appear in the June 2020 issue of  Bead and Button magazine.


It took me 10 years, and I am now ready and so excited to share my love to colors and beads through my own hand made jewelry. 

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